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I can provide you with an effective ingrown nail treatment service, that won't cause you too much discomfort. If your toenail is infected then it should be treated by a Chiropodist, who will trim or remove the infected nail with a minor surgical procedure. I can then treat the infection.


If your ingrown toenail recurs, it may require a more permanent solution. This is where a portion of the nail is removed with a scalpel, or burned with a chemical solution, to make the nail narrower and prevent a portion of the nail growing back and becoming ingrown.

To help avoid ingrown toenails, you should always cut your nail straight across and try to avoid wearing any socks or shoes that are too tight.

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I offer an excellent ingrown toenail treatment service, that will help you feel better again.

Not sure how it happened?

The most common causes of ingrown toenails are shoes that don't fit correctly. They are also caused by improperly trimmed nails, for example cutting nails too short or attempting to taper the corners with the shape of the toe. You can also have ingrown toenails from simply stubbing your toe or wearing socks that are too tight.

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